industrial panel pc

The benefits of industrial panel PCs

The benefits of industrial panel PCs

The Industrial Panel PC generally combines the audio features of ordinary computers on the market, and it has its own outstanding advantages in terms of stability, shock resistance rating, pollution resistance, water resistance, heat resistance, and colourful expansion slots.

The Industrial Panel PC is energy-absorbing and stable, with low power consumption and the ability to integrate into ultra-low temperature natural environments. Compared to ordinary computers, industrial tablet PCs have three outstanding advantages.

First, industrial flat panel is more credible

Industrial flat panel computers need to operate continuously 7*24, so industrial flat panel computers need to have a higher degree of credibility.

For example, the use of industrial production-specific switching power supply, containing the "watchdog" system software for the applicable board, to ensure that there is no problem with the highest value of working time, if common failures, but also to reduce as much as possible the common failure repair time, to ensure the efficient operation of equipment.

Second, industrial flat panel natural environment adaptability 

Industrial production environment is harsh, generally by the interference signal serious, temperature difference, dust, leaching, vibration, acid and alkaline precipitation and other factors hinder the winning field, so the need for this strong adaptability of industrial flat panel computer.

Third, industrial flat panel practicality is good

Industrial flat panel to the process of detecting data information errors or common failures, will immediately respond and solve, immediately prevent the damage caused by common failures.

Industrial panel computer because of its integration of industrial control computer and display characteristics, from the interests of customers to solve problems, the use of production life will be increasingly advantageous.

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