Solutions for Common Probems of Industrial Touch Screen Monitor

Solutions for Common Probems of Industrial Touch Screen Monitor

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When using a industrial touch screen monitor, you may encounter problems with the display of the monitor, such as blurring, jitter, etc. Many people don’t know how to deal with it, or even buy it again because the monitor is faulty. In fact, many of these problems can be solved by changing the settings in the industrial computer.

The industrial monitor screen is blurry and jittery:

This situation is mostly caused by the improper setting of the refresh rate of the monitor. You can check the monitor manual to see what the best refresh rate is, and then right-click on the desktop--screen resolution--advanced settings-- Monitor, just adjust the refresh rate.

The screen refresh rate drop-down list is empty:

this is a problem with the display driver installation. As in the previous step, click Properties-Driver-Update the driver in the monitor.

Black screen after setting the monitor's resolution and refresh rate:

This is because the value is set higher than the monitor's support range. The simple way is to wait a while or press ESC to exit. If the problem cannot be solved, you can uninstall the monitor's driver and restart it. The system will automatically identify and configure the appropriate driver.

The industrial monitor has a black screen after a period of time:

Exclude the cause of hardware damage, and it will be restored by moving the mouse or typing on the keyboard. The system settings: Control Panel-Hardware and Sound-Double-click the power option, and adjust the time to turn off the display to "From No" is fine.

The display screen has a pattern:

the resolution and refresh rate have been adjusted higher. It is recommended to adjust the resolution and refresh rate to the most appropriate value according to the manual.

The monitor flickers so badly that the system cannot recognize it:

turn on the monitor first, then turn it on. If the problem cannot be solved, reinstall the monitor driver.

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