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All-in-one industrial panel PC installation

All-in-one industrial panel PC installation

With the development of industrial control field more and more extensive, the application of industrial all-in-one machine more and more ways, all walks of life application of installation methods are also different. Therefore, the general industrial all-in-one machine manufacturers for an industrial all-in-one machine launched a variety of installation methods.

What are the common installation methods of industrial all-in-one machine? To touch think intelligent for example, the current main popular embedded snap type, hanging type, cantilever type, desktop installation, wall-mounted installation, louvered horizontal, open and other common installation methods. 

Industrial panel PC all-in-one installation method of desktop installation method.

Tighten the screws on the desktop bracket and the reserved holes on the back of the machine to complete the installation.

Industrial all-in-one machine desktop installation method, its configuration desktop mounting bracket according to the different manufacturers will have different forms, the user can choose the desktop mounting bracket in the purchase, can be assembled by themselves. It can be said that the desktop type, is the easiest way to install the industrial all-in-one machine. At the same time, also like some commercial computers, industrial all-in-one machine mounting bracket, can also adjust the angle of the screen, in order to better enhance the increase in the user's sense of experience.

Common application scenarios: generally used for production office data management, command centre management, etc. 

For more information on the industrial panel PC, industrial all-in-one machine installation methods can be consulted with BVSION.

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