Why ordinary computers cannot replace industrial computers?

Why ordinary computers cannot replace industrial computers?

Industrial computers, also known as industrial control machines and industrial panel PCs. They are widely used in industrial production, there are major differences between them and ordinary commercial computers. Can they replace each other? The following questions to do a simple analysis to explain.

Can I use an industrial computer as a ordinary computer? The answer is of course not. Due to the special environmental requirements for the use of industrial control machines, they   will adopt a closed design in the market in order to achieve good dustproof, waterproof and moisture-proof performance. Compared to the open design of a computer, a conservative IPC is like a brick, strong and durable, but rather dull, and in terms of operating systems and applications. IPCs do not have enough hardware resources to support additional applications and usually do not meet the excess demand for audio and video entertainment. It is very boring when used as a ordinary computer, not to mention that it is also more expensive. Replacing an ordinary computer with an IPC can meet the needs of the user, but the experience will be poor, so it is generally not recommended to use an IPC instead of an ordinary computer.

Can an ordinary computer replace an industrial control machine? The answer is also no. Although ordinary computers used as industrial control machines can also meet some of the industrial needs, but in actual use. On the one hand, ordinary computer components do not have such high requirements for three kinds of protection, in the harsh industrial environment can not work.

Even in the normal environment, because ordinary computers can not support ultra-long working hours, the equipment will be offline at intervals. There is another reason is that ordinary computers in terms of efficiency is not as good as professional. Another reason is that ordinary computers are not as efficient as professional industrial control machines, and the cost would be too high if top configuration computers were used instead of industrial control machines.

Therefore, ordinary computers cannot replace the industrial control machine. In the absence of conditions, it can be in the verification stage, borrowing ordinary computers briefly instead of industrial control machine. When we really put into use, or to use back to professional industrial control equipment. BVS’s all in one pc mainly has 10-32 inch many different specifications, can meet most of the market application needs. The multi-functional multi-interface design style, Windows system and Android system are available.

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