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How to find the right industrial all-in-one PC?

How to find the right industrial all-in-one PC?

Which is the best brand of industrial all-in-one computer? What are the advantages of a fanless industrial touch machine? As we all know, fanless industrial all-in-one computer is collectively known as embedded industrial control machine.

Industrial control machine, as the name implies for industrial control computer, the main role is to collect information for each channel, and give accurate calculations, and at the same time issued the correct operating instructions to guide the peripherals to complete the next steps. Embedded industrial control machine industry development of more mature companies in the company there is innovation and intelligent, embedded industrial control industry is mainly customized.BVS can meet the needs of industry.

The choice of fanless industrial all-in-one computer is mainly to look at the basic composition.

CPU: referred to as the central processing unit, CPU sub- single-core, multi-core processing. Equivalent to the human brain, analysis of problems and processing problems . The CPU plays a decisive role in how fast or slow an industrial panel computer runs. Within the industrial flat panel computer, the CPU is integrated.

Graphics card: sub-integrated, independent display card. It is the industrial flat panel computer image run or output drop cache area. Early integrated graphics cards are integrated display chip on the motherboard, and now we are talking about integrated graphics cards are generally integrated in the CPU.

Motherboard: the motherboard is generally a rectangular circuit board, which is installed on the main circuit system that makes up the industrial panel PC, generally with BIOS chips, I/O control chips, keyboard and panel control switch interfaces, indicator plugs, expansion slots, the motherboard and plug-in card DC power supply plug-ins and other components. It is the basic skeleton of the industrial panel PC structure. The advantage of the integrated motherboard is that the computer will not have extra lines inside, there is generally no poor contact breakage and other phenomena.

Memory: temporary data storage area, software and system files often call it. The equivalent of a human drop stomach, drink a large glass of water you immediately feel full, a moment to digest the past you can continue to eat. Although the memory also has the function of storing data, it only temporarily stores some data for the CPU to use, so the memory determines one of the important accessories for the speed of the industrial tablet hardware. Nowadays, memory is generally the difference between DDR3 and DDR4, and DDR4 is generally twice as fast as DDR3.

Hard disk: a carrier for storing data. It is equivalent to the human stomach, how much you want to fill depends on your belly. The size of the hard disk capacity and industrial tablet PC running speed has little to do with it, it mainly plays the role of storing data, such as the important files you download is stored in the hard disk thing. The hard drive is divided into a solid state drive and a mechanical hard drive, the solid state drive is a card strip. The speed of storage is faster, but the downside is that if the SSD is destroyed, the entire data cannot be retrieved. Mechanical hard drives are like disks inside, so when data is lost or deleted by mistake, it can be recovered by some means, but there is some vibration during the production process, which can lead to the destruction of the mechanical hard drive. So this side or recommend that you choose solid state drives, if there are particularly important, or relatively large files, you can choose the mechanical hard drive.

Industrial displays: industrial displays can generally be divided into touch and non-touch. Then touch type can be divided into five-wire resistive screen and capacitive screen. In the past, the general industrial panel PC are used five-wire resistive screen. Resistive screen resistance is small, for the requirements of stable industrial-type computer, is a very good choice, now the advantages of capacitive, but also make more touch way to choose to use capacitive screen.

Machine case: the case is generally made of aluminum, aluminum is very good resistance to oxidation, which is also known. Aluminum alloy chassis to take aluminum extrusion and car wash process, a step molding, fine baking paint, the appearance will look beautiful some.

Above, are the basic components of a fanless industrial all-in-one computer. While choosing a brand, you also need to pay attention to the choice of materials used by the brand manufacturer as to why there is no fan in the industrial all-in-one computer how.

Nowadays, industrial flat panel computers are using cooling fins, eliminating the unnecessary. This is also the advantage of the chassis, aluminum has a high thermal conductivity, coupled with aluminum extrusion produced by the fins, the entire heat dissipation effect is very good, there is no need to worry about the industrial flat panel computer use overheating phenomenon.


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