The Specific Use of POS Cash Register

The Specific Use of POS Cash Register

There are many types of POS cash registers. Here we take the POS machine of catering system as an example to illustrate how to use it.

First, open the cash register to connect to the network, enter the interface of the cash register to log in, and then enter the account password of the merchant. Click login to enter the POS cashier system;

Input the customer's consumption list, click order, and then according to the menu selected by the customer, click 'plus' to add the customer's account to the consumption list that position, after all the above operations are completed, click order and checkout, if the customer wants to buy again, you can click' empty ';

Checkout and payment, after the customer chooses to click checkout, the POS cashier will pop up the checkout interface. On the left side, the bill can be carefully checked to see if it is consistent, and on the right side, the customer's member number needs to be entered to see if there is a discount on the bill.

Among many payment methods, customers can choose how they want to pay. At present, there are four main payment methods: cash payment, membership card balance payment, scan code payment, swipe card payment.

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