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The benefits of a smart home

The benefits of a smart home

As a focal point of home security, cameras not only allow for 24-hour real-time monitoring, they can also alert people in varying degrees depending on the surveillance situation.

When it comes to security, smart cameras also have an even greater advantage. Users can not only check the camera situation anytime and anywhere through their mobile phones, but also have intelligent motion detection and two-way voice function, which can check not only whether the car has passed through the detection area.  In addition, whether people have passed through or whether small animals in the house have passed through, avoiding the "husky demolition of the house".

  • Remote control

No matter where you are, you can control the whole house through the APP.

  • One-click scenes 

You can customize the scenes you want and then turn them on with one click, no need to operate them one by one.

  • Timing control

For example, if you arrive home at 19:00 after work on a hot summer day, you can automatically turn on the air conditioner at 18:50, so that you can enjoy it directly when you get home.

  • Voice control

Connect to the AI voice speaker to control the whole house by directly giving voice commands.

  • Real-time feedback

When an unsafe situation is detected/monitored, it will report to the owner.

  • Automatic rescue

When a gas leak, water leak or burglar is detected, the valve will be automatically shut off, an audible and visual alarm will be sounded and the owner will be notified.

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