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The Application of Interactive Touch Screen KIOSK

The Application of Interactive Touch Screen KIOSK

The interactive touch screen kiosk can not only bring shocking effects to the audience in appearance, but also design according to the needs of users in operation. You can choose the order and speed of reading information by yourself; you can even complete information query, coupon printing, non-cash transactions, etc. The easy-to-use interaction of the LCD touch all-in-one machine greatly enhances the shopping experience of consumers, enhances the shopping pleasure of consumers, and also improves the brand awareness of merchants, thereby increasing sales.

The LCD touch all-in-one machine integrates each function with fine manufacturing technology. It can be said that it is a computer that does not require a mouse, keyboard, host, and speakers at the same time. It also has a high-definition touch screen product with a high-definition TV display. Moreover, in terms of touch screen technology, Altra International uses infrared touch screens, and has always been at the forefront of the touch screen product industry. Android vertical touch all-in-one machine is a focus that people pay more attention to on how to purchase a cost-effective inquiring touch all-in-one machine, because there are too many touch all-in-one manufacturers on the market, with different technologies and uneven product quality .

Advantages and characteristics of touch all-in-one machine:

Installation support: floor-standing, vertical, wall-mounted, embedded, horizontal
1. No keyboard and mouse required
2. No host required
3. Support 24/7 hours of stable operation

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