Advantages of Mini-pc

Advantages of Mini-pc

Mini pc, also known as mini computer, cloud terminal, is a computer host with small size, low power consumption, ultra-quiet, strong performance, stylish and beautiful appearance, and the mini pc has the basic attributes and performance of traditional desktop hosts. Today, I would like to tell the advantages of mini pc to help you understand it.

(1) Small and portable

Smallness is the biggest feature of mini pc. Its volume is generally 1/30 of the volume of traditional desktop hosts, which is equivalent to the thickness of a 130-page book, and its length and width are as large as A5 paper. It is very convenient to carry, and can even be directly put in the pocket of the trousers and can be taken anywhere, bringing greater convenience to work and life.

(2) Save space resources

The compact size of the mini-pc can stand, and can be fixed on a hanger. It can be placed in any small corner of the table at will, or can be fixed behind a monitor or TV screen with a special hanger, freeing up more space for the current office or home life. Space resources, but also a clean and tidy space on the desktop.

(3) Fashionable and beautiful

The old-fashioned shape of most traditional large desktop consoles can no longer meet the aesthetic needs of modern people, while the stylish design of mini consoles, coupled with small and exquisite, is very artistic, whether it is placed on the desk, living room or study room. Life and work lead to a more pleasant experience.

(4) Low power consumption, energy saving and power saving

The mini-pc adopts a low-power processor, and the thermal design power consumption TDP is generally around 10W-17W, while the average power consumption of the traditional large desktop host is 100W~150W, which is 10 times or more than the power consumption of the mini-pc.

(5) Quiet and environmental protection

The rumbling noise of traditional large desktops has seriously affected the experience of computer workers, game players and home life. In this living space where pollution sources are everywhere, people can no longer afford more pollution. Due to the fanless heat dissipation design of the mini-host, the whole machine can achieve zero noise during operation, which brings a quiet experience to work and life, and has been loved by people.

(6) Strong performance

The performance of mini pc has played an important role in our life. After several years of exploration and accumulation, most mini pc can meet the basic needs of 70% of users for office, entertainment, industrial control, display and playback. Although most mini pc are still designed with integrated display, However, some mini pc with high-profile independent graphics are not inferior in overall performance, such as the BVS TN6A J3355 mini-pc.

(7) Safe and stable

Due to the small size, high integration of the main board, and very compact design layout of component chips, most mini pc can run stably for a long time, and it is not easy to affect the operation or interruption of the whole machine due to individual hardware problems, or even damage the whole machine. However, the traditional large desktop host is prone to compatibility or instability of individual components, which affects the operation of the whole machine due to the large number of various hardware stacks.

(8) Easy to update and maintain

The mini-pct is small and portable, and it is very convenient in terms of software update or hardware update. If you need to expand the memory and hard disk, you only need to open the cover of the mini-pc with a screwdriver. If there is a problem with the host and needs to be repaired, girls, children, and the elderly can easily take it out to the store or send it back to the manufacturer for repair.

(9) High cost performance

In addition to the high prices of Intel's own mini PCs, the prices of other brands of mini pc are very close to the people, generally within 1,000 to 3,000 yuan, and the price of a higher configuration is generally not more than 5,000 yuan, which to a certain extent Frees up a lot of pre-selection space for DIY users.

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