How are industrial tablet PCs being used in industry?

How are industrial tablet PCs being used in industry?

How are industrial tablet PCs being used in industry?

Industrial tablet PCs are playing an irreplaceable role in the transformation as industrial big data touch centres. The application in industry is also becoming more and more common, and it is clear that ordinary standard configuration computers can no longer meet the needs of the digital transformation of some enterprises.

Therefore, the customisation of industrial tablet PCs has become a necessary attribute of the product. What are the special features of the customised ones that will be tailored to the user's scenario application needs? Let's find out. 

It is the industrial control computer, industrial control machine computer, industrial control machine, etc.. The customized type is based on the customer's needs, the computer in the application of the scene to review. According to the  use of demand, I/O data exchange interface, CPU, memory, hard disk, graphics card, sound card, shell, size, protection, dust and waterproof, display effect and module integration and other multi-directional performance custom design. Industrial flat panel and ordinary commercial computers are different, custom three-proof industrial flat panel computer because of the industrial scene in the use of the environment, installation methods, external devices and other characteristics of diversity, which requires it to meet the functional variability in order to meet the needs of users.

For example, in terms of interface, the user's external machine is not fixed, and the performance of the industrial tablet PC should be fully combined with the use of data exchange. If the interface is simple and fixed, it often does not meet the customer use scenario. This requires its general interface settings, not only the general USB, DC, HDIM, VGA, Ethernet, headphones and other port settings to meet the general industrial use requirements, but also the ability to carry out interface customisation, like the ability to connect other external devices such as printers.

At the same time, custom industrial flat panel computer to performance stability, in the scene, according to the customer's different use of the environment, can be designed according to the different protection and requirements. For example, in terms of dust and water resistance, based on the harsh use environment of dusty, watery and oily industrial use environment, custom industrial computers can reach IP65 protection to ensure the stability of operation.

The two main categories of customised products are industrial PCs and industrial panel PCs. IPCs are industrial computers without a touchscreen display. The industrial flat panel, on the other hand, comes with a host and touch screen in one, which simply means that it consists of an industrial control machine + display touch screen. In today's market research, industrial tablet PC is relatively close to the user's needs, and the shipment volume is also considerable.

The above is the introduction of the content of the custom industrial flat panel computer, in general, the benefits of custom models is to meet the special needs of customers, in order to play a big role in industry.

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