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Subway Self-service Touch Screen Information KIOSK

Subway Self-service Touch Screen Information KIOSK

The social development of advertising has witnessed the progress of the times, from traditional posters to advertising machines, to TV commercials that invested a lot of money, and now, you can control the interactive self-service advertising machine for information. They are all developed around the needs of customers. Facing the problem of the flow of people in subway stations, the vertical information release self-service touch query all-in-one machine on the layout of the subway station, then what will be the effect?

When we can achieve human-computer interaction through some touch, social, photography, etc., things will become very comfortable. If consumers can interact with advertisements, agents, etc. through the vertical information release self-service touch query kiosk, create different experiences and interactive modes, increase communication and exchanges, and allow more and more people to receive more life Information, and give more intelligent factors to achieve more human-computer interaction.

In subway stations, the multi-media vertical information publishing self-service touch query all-in-one machine not only supports interactivity, but also supports software update and terminal monitoring, as well as functions such as video, text, animation loop, and split-screen playback. It is a multimedia advertising application system with rich performance. At the same time, it can also count and record the playback time and number of times of multimedia advertising content, and can view and record the number of views such as the user's stay time at any time.

The self-service touch query all-in-one for information publishing in subway has played a very good role in serving subway stations, realizing intensive service and management of public places in subway stations, allowing people to enjoy more humanized services and intelligent travel!

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