Why is the price of tablet pc at a same size different? -BVSion

Why is the price of tablet pc at a same size different? -BVSion

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The touch all-in-one machine integrates a variety of functions such as computer, television, touch screen, audio, multimedia, and Internet. It has various sizes to choose from different application fields and functional requirements. It can provide people with a lot of cabinets or brackets. Convenient and efficient information query service and help. Therefore, the touch and query all-in-one machine is very popular with customers, and the sales volume continues to rise.

But there are someone who would like to buy all in one touch pc always think one thing: Why is the price of tablet pc at a same size different? How can they choose better tablet?

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Let us discuss together!Usually the price is related to the quality, service and after-sales. Most of time, people care more about the price. Some business exploit the point to accomplish their bad purpose. Touch screen all in one pc is made of the lcd screen, touch screen, CPU and the back case. Because the great different price differes in the qulity of processor and screenSome business would choose the bad screen and CPU for profit.Sometimes the price of tablet pc is thousands difference, especially the big size screen.

The formal company use new original screen to produce. But those who manage to make benefits usually buy the low cost material. So you can choose the big company to buy machine for risk reduction when you buy the all in one pc, instead of just measure by price.


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