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touch screen monitor —BVS, the professional in touch display.— We are the touch screen monitor manufacturer for 12 years, we supply android tablet(10.1 to 32 inch), windows all in one pc(10.4 to 21.5 inch), lcd monitor(10.4 to 32 inch) and pos system, capacitive touch screen/4-wire touch/ir touch sccreen optional, RAM 1GB/2GB/4GB optional, ROM 8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB. Android /Windows […]

Medical Display —BVS, the professional in touch display.— Hi! How are you? The more and more medical equipment is needed because of the epidemic, do you know about the part of the medical equipment, all in one pc that for medical display. Usually peolple prefer 10.1/15.6/21.5 inch AIO PC for the medical use, 10.1 inch medical display to […]

Application Of Industrial Monitor —BVS, the professional in touch display.— Do you know which fields can use our product? Let’s talk about the application of industrial monitor today! Face recognition Home automation Arcade game machine entertainment Advertising player ATM Self service kiosk Payment cash register Medical equipment Video conference system Security monitoring Except for these, it […]

Android Digital Signage —BVS, the professional in touch display.— Android system is applied into the cellphones, tablet pc, etc. Gradually it become the digital signage for advertising. It is more and more popular. Why do we choose android os? There are three reasons. At first, it saves money. You do not need to pay for free android just like windows. […]

The difference between vertical advertising player and wall-mounted digital signage. —BVS, the professional in touch display.— 1. Differences in usage scenarios. We believe that the application scenarios is the primary point of choosing an advertising player. It is just a mobile phone if without application scenarios (But who would like that?). Knowing the use so you can better choose […]

Talk About Advertising Player —BVS, the professional in touch display.— The placement of the vertical advertising machine is mobile and can also attract people’s attention. It is mainly used in industries such as banking, finance, hotels, hospitals, and shopping malls. It vividly displays advertising information and interprets the brand image. The wall-mounted advertising player is mounted […]