Interesting Annual Meeting -BVSion

Interesting Annual Meeting -BVSion

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Our annual meeting was scheduled at conference room on 15th. Yesterday we have an interesting experience.

It is started from 13:00 o’clock. Workers walked into the conference room. Our boss, Gina, she and miss etiquette put the scarf on worker’s neck.

Miss Etiquette Boss Gina

We sat and the hosts came in, they are Peter Chow and Coco Xie. We were spread to two groups. A group and B group.

At first, those who worked excellent or who worked over 1 year sperately were awarded. They got their bonus and preseAnnual meeting Annual meeting img_5329 Annual meeting

Peter Ke, Gina’s husband, is our genenal manager. Gina and he were made a speech and gave their best wishes to our company.
The lucky draw was after games and interesting performance. The lucky was happy and smiled. Coco told us the colleague in Guangzhou branches reached.

They joined us soon and They were warmly welcome. The meeting went ahead.

Everyone got a letter and our company bought welfare lotteries for us. We hand-in-hand sang a song together to express our best blessing to our future.
At last the miss etiquette pushed a table in with a big cake on the desk. We celebrated birthday for the staff who birth on January.

birthday cake
Birthday cake

A meaningful day! It means a new start. And we will be better in the future.

Happy New Year
Happy New Year


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